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Frequently Asked Questions

Where are we incorporated

Register location UNITED KINGDOM

Who is Digital Trade FX

Digital Trade FX is a reliable assets management company with a base in Germany. We pride ourselves as the most profitable investment company for Forex and Cryptocurrency trading. We undoubtedly, we developed the best Artificial Intelligence Robot that tr

How To register

You can set up your account easily by clicking on the Create Account Button

How to fund my Account

There are many ways to fund your account; they are all simple and easy. Simply log in to your account and choose a deposit method that you are comfortable with, you can deposit with Bitcoin, Ethereum, Visa Card, Master Card, Dash Coin, Dodge and Others.

How do i Invest

We have numerous investment plans based on the success of our trading experts and effectiveness of The Omega AI Max DURING trading sessions. You can log in to your account dashboard straightaway and select an investment plan of your choice

Whats the minimum and maximum investment

The minimum amount for investment per time is $500 only while the maximum amount for investment in Foxit Capital $1,000,000. You can invest as many times as possible and all your investments will yield fruit different and on time.

How do i get my ROI

You earn from 10%, 30% to 50% return daily depending on the amount invested.

How to make withdrawal

To withdraw your earning from DIGITAL TRADE FX, log in to your account and fill the withdrawal form by inputting your correct wallet details and the amount you want to withdraw. This is when we reward your trust with great returns.


There is more than one way to earn massive returns from Foxit Capital. You can freely refer your family, friends, and colleagues, and earn awesome reward for doing so. We will pay you 10% for first direct deposit from your downliner and 7% others

How to secure my account?

You can set up Two-Factor Authentication. It is utmost important that you secure your account with 2FA Authentication, this will give your account an added advantage on security and edge over hack, as you would be the person in charge of all transactions